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Holy shrine Vepric

Holy shrine Vepric

Jan 09, 2017
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Croatian holy shrine of Vepric is located 500 m past Kuk, in a harmonious natural setting, at the foot of the wooded hill. This place of pilgrimage was founded in 1908 by Bishop Dr. Juraj Carić who was also buried here. It is located at the foot of a Biokovo mountain slope, near town Makarska. At the foot of a mountain slope along the Adriatic coast stretches Makarska Riviera. By its indented coastline, the diversity and purity of the sea is one of the world’s tourism pearls.

Above Makarska high rises park Biokovo, which is divided from the interior of the continental Croatian. Makarska Riviera makes the beauty of the unique combination of sea and mountains with lush vegetation, endemic flora and fauna.

The church division, historically, Makarska once had a diocesan seat four she managed a large area, that stretched to the present Herzegovina Today belongs to the Archdiocese of Split-Makarska, a town of Makarska has two parishes.

The sanctuary is similar to the one in Lourdes -where Virgin Mary appeared 18 times to the nun in 1858 year., because there is a natural cave and the whole landscape with hills remind of the French Lourdes. Through sanctuary flowing stream as it further outlines Lourd.

In natural beauty, a hundred meters from the sea, is retracted in the slope and hidden in an oasis of peace. It stretches over eighty thousand square meters. It consists of a newly built outside altar (for which they used the natural caves), stone decorated “big church” in the open air, area for spiritual exercises, the confession booths, stations of the Cross paths for processions and other supporting facilities. In this sanctuary there is also the chapel and the sacristy. In fact, it is build at the way that nothing is destroyed, every thing is made of stone and wood, the caves are in nature way what God has graciously given. It is a unique sanctuary, and on this there is no parish, no church.

Because of its natural beauty, closeness of the sea, and total silence sanctuary Vepric is very attractive to pilgrims. Throughout the year there are countless visitors and many of them visit Veric daily. and especially during the pilgrimage days on February 11th, March 25th, August 15th, and September 7th and 8th. In fact there is no moment that someone is not in the sanctuary.
In this natural beauty and tranquility of the spiritual peace, and lighting candles for their loved ones pray for their healing and a better life.

Recently, Makarska is even more closer to other parts of the Croatian because the tunnel was released into circulation and Vepric located just 10 minutes from the highway.
Furthermore, there is a high frequency of Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Germans and Italians. Many have their own priests and with them come, they led the mass.
Sometimes are held five mass at the same time as it has over the altar in the sanctuary, but when are several groups with different languages, distributed each of them to another altar.

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