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Jan 03, 2017

Makarska Riviera is one of the most developed areas in the Adriatic with a very rich cultural history and natural heritage. After a pleasant holiday in this area go back home richer with knowledge of the cultural, historical and natural heritage of this special area. Be sure not to miss out to visit our museums; city museum, which is located in the baroque palace, the museum of fish and crabs and Malacological Museum which is best known malacological collection in Croatia.

Makarska Municipal Museum

Makarska Municipal Museum is located in the baroque palace Tonoli, erected in the second half of the 18th century, on the west side of today’s city promenade and harbor. Space of the museum, the exhibition and working, is located on the first floor of the palace entered in the Register of immovable cultural monuments. There you can see collections of archeology, ethnology, cultural, historical, photos, postcards, posters and cards.
The historical period in the Makarska riviera shows also numismatic collection with 700 examples of the coins.

Malacological Museum

Magnificent display of sea snails and shellfishes of the Adriatic and the whole world today is touristic most famous Malacological collection in Croatia. With rich malacological collection, the museum has valuable herbarium of plants and lower mountain slope paleontological collections. Malacological Museum in Makarska is a museum of shells – shells of marine mollusks.
The museum is open to the public in 1963 in the old Franciscan monastery, which is a protected culture monument. From over 3000 samples exposed shells, in this museum you can see not only the shells of the Adriatic Sea but also many kinds of tropical and subtropical seas, which are the most attractive colors and shapes of all the shells.

Museum of fish and crabs

Hardly anyone of our tourists resting in Makarska and enjoying the benefits of sea don’t want to know what dwells in the depths of the Adriatic sea. The most acceptable way for that is a visit to the Museum of fish and crabs. With the world famous Malacological Museum which is located under the roof of an ancient Franciscan monastery and has numerous and rare species of shells, in the old town there is an interesting museum of fish and crustaceans exclusively from the Adriatic, actually mostly from Makarska maritime zone. It has preserved more than 250 species of fish and crustaceans, and they are all caught by local fishermen. For years, the specimens were collected with love and care for the public which enjoy visiting this museum. Of special interest is a kind of fish that is not caught in our area since 1980. It is a two-meter fish called sturgeon which weighed 20kg. There are also here a lot of rare fishes, large pen shells, loggerhead sea turtles, bull sharks and numerous cancers. The richness of life of the Adriatic Sea and valuable cultural heritage of Makarska is telling us an old story about the local fishermen, their destinies and adventures, and above all, causes admiration.

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