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Top 10 things to take home from Makarska

Makarska Suveniri

Top 10 things to take home from Makarska

Mar 01, 2017
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When visiting any place, all of us like to take something home as a souveniers from our trips. These products are the result of the Dalmatian tradition. They come from restricted Dalmatian localities and are produced in small batches.

1. Wine

With a wine tradition dating back to the Ancient Greek settler, it is perhaps surprising that it is only now that Dalmatian wines are attracting international attention. Plavac Mali for red, Posip for white is a good inital rule.

2. Rakija

Rakija is home made brandy – is the fifth pillar of every Croatian home. It can be made of every single fruit or herb. The most famous ones are šljivovica (plum brandy) and travarica (herbs brandy).

3. Ties

Croatia gave the world the cravat, and a tie remains a very popular souvenir. Visit the Croata tie shop and choose from a straggering range, before perhaps settling for the most popular – the Dalmatian dog.

4. Dry fig

Dalmatians prepare it according to almost forgotten traditional recepies, they evoke the charm of ancient times. Figs are a popular souvenir. Either dried, in jams or in rakija.

5. Sugared almonds

A delicious, totally addictive, local speciality, using local almonds. Many are home produced. The Romans were brought as gifts to friends candied almonds, and weddings are the bride and groom threw almonds as a fertility symbol.

6. Olive Oil – Extra virgin

Olive oil has become widely available outside Mediterranean countries, so why lug greasy bottles around? Because, it’s definitely best made in Croatia. Taste it and you will see the enormous difference. One of the best extra virgin olive oils are made from olive trees from island Brač and Makarska Riviera.

7. Honey

The rich flora of Dalmatia makes a great area for the production of honey. In Makarska Riviera you can buy sterling honey and various other products made of honey in the family beekeeping business.

8. Lavander

One of the regions signature products, lavander production was a major industry a century ago,and seeing thefields in bloomin June and July is a magical expirience. Souveniers mostly come in the form of oil and dried lavander, which utterly bedazzle everyone who takes them along,

9. Pickles

The pickling season in Croatia is always approached ambitiously. Sure, you can get all kinds of jams, preserves and pickles in a shop. But a real home has a Mum or a Grandma who labours over a gigantic simmering pot of ajvar (red pepper relish) or plum jam.

10. Cantarion oil

The natural cosmetics based on olive oil and medicinal herbs. It has become one of the most celebrated oils because it has many other uses including antiviral, anti-inflammatory, astringent, sedative, anti-rheumatic. In Croatia, cantarion oil is used as a topical application for the relief of burns, including sunburns.

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